Consulting HR

Posted Date : Mar 05, 2018

Retaj –Tech is a one of the reputed and trusted names in Saudi Arabia, which operates with the aim to improve the human resource management of every organization. A well-managed HR team is indispensable for the smooth functioning of any business. At Retaj –Tech, we have a team of expert HR professionals who can provide the complete support required for the smooth functioning of any organization. No matter what the size, industry vertical or specific requirement of the organization, our experts would create a tailored solution.
As your consulting HR, we will perform a number of processes like auditing of HR, creation of HR policies & their implementation, development of employment contracts, designing & analysis of the required jobs, development of the pay scales, setting up of an evaluation system, development of grading system etc. Our HR consultancy service has assisted a number of organizations in the past for their better functioning.
We will be of your assistance to perfectly:
- HR Audit
- Develop Organization Structure
- Design, analyze, and describe Jobs
- Develop Grading Structure
- Develop Pay Scales
- Create HR Policies and design its entire procedures, process
- Develop Employment contracts and audit legal aspects of HR policies
- Design and write Employee Manual
- Develop Competency Models and competency dictionaries.
- Set up Performance Evaluation system
- Training and development needs analysis
The consulting services were provided to several companies including:
1. Aabar & Zaini Company
2. Samaya Company
3. Saudi Radwa Chicken Company
4. Ben David Company
5. Ejdah Recruitment Company
6. Mohammed Yousef Naghi Foundation
7. Al - Siraj United Holding Compa